Yog Cures Diseases (21st June- WORLD YOGA DAY) :

June 19, 2018

Yog Cures Diseases - prernamurti

The english word DISEASE means Dis+ Ease. Ease means joy or happiness and Dis means ‘reverse or do the opposite or undo’. When the easy condition of our body or the peace of our mind comes to an end with stress, then that condition is called Disease. For present day hectic schedule of all, some practices of Pranayam, aasanas, mudras(hand gestures), ‘Aum’ japa and meditation techniques can make a peron’s life stress free, healthy and easy going. When people abroad have been taking benefits of our ancient and rich knowledge and culture, then why should we remain devoid of the benefits of our own knowledge and wisdom.

Even if an ordinary person chants the mantra’ Aum’ everyday for a few minutes on his ‘Ajna Chakra’ , he can conserve energy. As your vritti continue to rest , the more energy you get to work hard. Your consciousness, thinking or awareness develops. You get inspiration before you start any work. You  tend to take right decisions. The development or activation  of Ajna Chakra is the foundation of all spiritual practices.  Similarly, by practising Pranayamas, your body gets new energy, one feels lighter and happier. Pranayam results in concentration of mind. When your breath becomes slow and rythemic, you attain longivity. Mind becomes sharp with subtle intelligence. Poetic power develops. Sage Changdev crossed 1400 years of age with the capability of holding breath for longer time. One who can hold breath for long, attains different spiritual powers. Therefore, all of us must practice the chanting of Aum mantra, japa and pranayam to keep our body healthy, happy and mind free from stress.


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