What to do on this day

February 28, 2018


What to do on this day

Apply cosmetic powder made from mustard on the body and pour juice extracted from flower of palash on the body. This is best medicine for skin diseases. Taking shower with the water mixed with colour made from flowers of palash tree is extremely beneficial. On the day of Holi, till whatever time you have your wet clothes on, soaked with palash colour, the colour seeps through the pores of the skin and makes your nerves strong. Similarly, playing Holi with cow dung saves your body from skin diseases and make your skin soft and beautiful.

How to make conventional colours from flowers

Soak dry or fresh flowers of palash for entire night. Till morning very beautiful, safe and conventional orange colour is ready for use. If you want to use immediately then first boil those flowers in the water before soaking in simple water. You can grind the dry flowers to powder to apply on the body but flowers soaked in water are more beneficial. This way you can make other colours from rose, marigold flowers also. Different colour powders made up from turmeric, sandal etc can be also used.

Beware of chemical colours

  • Chemical colours contains copper sulphate, mercuric oxide, Lead, Ormin, Lead Oxide along with synthetic and industrial dye etc harmful substances which develops burning sensation (irritation), itchiness, allergy, cancer and other dangerous skin diseases. Hence the number of patients visiting dermatologist (skin specialist) increases, out of which most of the patients are children, as their soft skin is not able to withstand the harmful chemicals.
  • Using this colours causes corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, eye allergy and blindness.
  • Applying on the head can cause dandruff and extreme hair fall.
  • This colours can also cause breathing related disease like asthma.



Precautions Recommended:

  • Before playing Holi, apply mustard oil, coconut oil, Ghee or cream (fat of milk) on the head and body so that if anyone does apply the chemical colours, it won’t have any adverse effect on your skin and it would be easier to remove those colours.
  • Keep your eyes, ears, face etc safe and cover your head with a cloth or cap.
  • Don’t apply colour forcefully to anyone as your force can harm your loved ones.
  • Don’t be so much involved in playing Holi that your kids are left unattended.

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