January 9, 2018


One who listens to the satsang, whenever in life, he comes across any problem, the satsang he has listened to, certainly helps him to get rid of all his worries. Problems which have come across will vanish too. Whatever happens for good only. Even the worst situation too will pass through- such wisdom thoughts developed through satsang vanishes the bad time and eventually our sorrow, distress or grief goes away.

Satsang protects us from committing bad deeds. For example, if we have some grudges against anybody and we think of damaging that person then satsang protects us from doing so because we have heard in satsang that if we will hurt somebody, same thing will happen to us. So it’s the satsang only which blesses us with peace, health and relief and motivates us to tread on the right path of life. Therefore, if the world wishes for peace, then satsang is the only resort.


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