May 29, 2018


Some scientist said that “earth is round in shape” and we believed that. It might be a square or a triangle in shape. But we believed, what that scientist said. We were told in our childhood that these are our parents and we believed that too. Same way we sit in a bus, train or plane to travel, which might have met with accidents many times, but we still travel because we believe the driver or the pilot that, he will get us to our destinations. This is because of our basic virtue of reverence which is already there in us. We don’t need a practical or a proof for that. What we are trying to say is that when we can trust a scientist or a driver or our parents without any proof, then why can’t we trust the Great men or Men of wisdom, Spiritual Masters or the Holy Scriptures?

Great Saints, Holy Scriptures and Spiritual Masters preach us that “you are not body, you are eternal & immortal”. We should believe their words of wisdom too as this belief or reverence in their words will attain us liberation and elevate spiritually. Hence, instead of keeping reverence in this mortal world, we should trust our Saints & Scriptures and become eligible for Ultimate happiness.


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