The Reel of Life

May 22, 2018


Who’s happy with his life? Who is not grieved? Everybody is. So, we should not get disturbed or worried on petty things. This reel of life will keep moving in this way only. When we go to watch a movie in a theatre, the shooting of that film is already completed. We just sit and watch that movie. If we cry with an emotional scene and become happy on a happy scene, people would call us abnormal or weird. Just like, we go to watch film just for entertainment, similarly this film of our life which has already been written by that Supreme Lord is just 60,70 or 80 years long. It is already made and we just have to watch it. Good or bad, everything belongs to Him only. Finally, when you will believe that everything dwells in Him and He dwells in everything, you will get ultimate Happiness and peace.


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