The Fruits of Unconditional Service

January 27, 2018


Unconditional service carries high importance in man’s life. Unconditional service is the only way to please God or Saints. Selfless service creates a place in Master’s heart. While doing service, we should not bear in mind the fruit resulting from service. Selfless service in itself is a fruit. One must think that service he is doing is the result of my good deeds. If you are given some service and you show some carelessness in performing that sewa, then it is equivalent to “cutting off the nose to spite the face” (apne pairon pe kulhadi marna). Similarly, if sewa is performed just to let anybody down or to get fame then it is more of a business deal. Our sewa should be such that God can’t help but to appear before you. You don’t aspire name , fame or even God, still they follow you. Just like Pundreek of Pandharpur and Lord hanumana served their masters. Such sewa gives you peace of mind and ultimate happiness not only to youself but the next generations coming forth. So , one must do sewa without the desire of fruits resulting from it.


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