The Depth of Wisdom

June 21, 2018

Maaiyaji - prernamurti

Devotee: Maiya! How to enhance our concentration?

Maiyaji: There are various methods to do that. Everyday practice ‘Tratak’ (gazing constantly) on the flame of ‘dipak’ or on ‘ShriChitra’ (Divine picture) of Guru or God, Do Pranayama and try to gaze constantly on the tip of the nose. When water starts coming out of your eyes, close your eyes and think about that picture in your heart. Your mind will become stable.

Devotee: Ma, what are the benefits of Soul searching?

Maiyaji:  Soul searching means diverting the scattered senses from the worldly pleasures to innerself. The more and more you will dwell within yourself, the more and more intelligence and wisdom you will have. Take the example of a tortoise, he squeezes his organs from outside to inside his shell and his strong shell is able to face or tolerate all the outside attacks or troubles.

The more outward you are, the more you will fall into wrong habits. Unless and until, the ‘Jeeva’ turns itself from outward to inward, it doesn’t get peace. The moment your ‘Vritti’ gets at peace, the more strength or powerful you feel. There is nothing in this world, you cannot achieve with the virtue of ‘Atamvishranti’ (peace of soul).

Being outward brings downfall and seeking within self witnesses success and elevated. So, bring down the restlessness of senses into mind,  from mind to intellect and finally surrender the intellect to that Supreme God.


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