The Depth of Knowledge

December 21, 2017

3 MKG 1st shriji new (Final) Try 01 Invert

Shriji: Maiya! You Say that the original and true demand of all beings is Realisation of God, do animals too make effort for that?

Maiyaji: Yes, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is progressing on that path only. Everyone seeks for that Ultimate Happiness only. Everybody, be it a thief, a good or bad man, animals or birds, all seek happiness. A thief becomes happy on committing thefts, similarly a good person becomes happy on doing good deeds. All depends upon one’s perception but ultimately everyone wants to be happy as the ‘anand tatva’(element of happiness) dwells within us.

Shriji: maiya, the way we experience the constant change and non existance of this world, why don’t we feel or experience the same happening to self?

Maiyaji: we do feel the change, that’s why we say,”when  I was small , I used to look  like that, I used to think like that and so on…”. We can see the flow of a river but still water changes in every second. Similarly, your mind, intellect, thoughts keep changing every second. Your body too is changing constantly.


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