July 5, 2018


…..contd from the book “The Depth of Knowledge”:

Devotee: Ma, in Bhagwad Gita, it is written somewhere that Yog is the only best way, somewhere Jyanamarga, somewhere Bhakti and somewhere Karma has been considered as the best way to realize God. Maiya, kindly tell us which is the best way?

Maiyaji: All routes are best but, you should adopt or follow the way you find easy to follow.

Devotee: Ma, which is better out of bhakti marga and jyana marga?

Ma:  both are good at their own places. In bhakti marga, ‘I belong to God and God is mine’,this emotion takes higher seat and in Jyana marga,’ I’m Brahm’(Supreme Lord), this emotion takes priority.

Devotee: Ma, in bhakti marga, it seems that we become outward and Vedanta seems to be the path of spiritual practices without any feelings or emotions, then what to do?

Ma: bhakti and jyana are complementary to each other. Bhakti without jyana and jyana without bhakti are not complete without each other. Without bhakti, jyana makes a person very dry and without emotions. When there is jyana with bhakti together, that takes you in a wider horizon, that’s why, both jyana and bhakti are important. The gist of both the marga is to be at a state of equipoise. A true jyani too follow the path of bhakti.

Devotee:Maiya! Wasn’t the bhakti of gopis’ hollow?

Ma: who said that Gopis’ bhakti was hollow? They were blessed with both bhakti as well as jyana that’s why they could see Lord Krishna as omnipresent. Eventually, their bhakti reached at such high stature that they started feeling that they themselves are Lord Krishna. Finally, attained wisdom. On the contrary, Uddhav just had the dry knowledge of Vedanta, that’s why Lord Krishna had sent him to learn the bhakti marga. This proves that both bhakti and jyana marga are important.


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