The Depth of Knowledge

January 25, 2018


(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”)

Shriji: But this is very difficult!

Maiyaji: it’ s not difficult. Attaining wisdom is not difficult, but removing the layers of ignorance is difficult. The great and holy Epic, ‘Yogvashishtha MahaRamayna” says that. “plucking of leaves and flowers may take time, but Realisation of Self even takes lesser time”.

Shriji: Maiya, then why it is being said that it is attained after years long sewa & sadhna(spiritual practices)?

Maiyaji: why do you believe so? May be you attain wisdom just now.

Shriji: Maiya, can the one, who has a pure mind , intellect & ego, attain the state of Self Realisation?

Maiyaji: being truthful, listening to spiritual discourses, good behavior, japa, sewa- sadhna, all such tools are  the helps in enlightenment of Self.


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