Stinginess — Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

March 24, 2018


Human desires are endless and unsatisfying which makes him to travel one birth to another accordimg to desires he had.

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji explains the importance of Satsang (spiritual discourses), Bhagvat Nam japa  (Chanting Gods name) to get rid of such desires.

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji says “Human is Human, human’s humanity is proven, if he uplifts life,qualifies it, makes growth. Even a child grows, a plant grows to tree. Human having proverbial property ,  thinks to grow it. While farming farmer thinks of growing his income every next year. So every  human being always thinks of growing the proverbial property and to gain sucess in materialistic world, hence moves in the same direction.

If firstly earning 50rs , next thinks of earning 100rs next, 500rs, If saving 500rs thinks of saving 1000rs. We allways strive to accumlate things of materialistic world, and we do also. But do we think of, knowledge growth ?, devotion growth ?, if listening satsang for 10 mins, should be increased to 15 mins ?, Doing 10 mala japa everyday should be increased to 25 everyday ?? the answer is NO. Because we show  Stinginess in these terms and are generous to all other worldly desires.

We show  Stinginess in Bhagavat Nam Japa (Chanting Gods name), listening to satsang (spiritual discourses). In other words  we dont disturb God, Guru for their blessings and satsang. Why should they strive for us ? we are clever in such aspects . Whatever efforts we put to gain worldly things, if half of it applied for Satsang growth,  Bhagavat Nam Japa growth our seven generations will get rid of Materialistic world or (bhavsagar) and attain welfare.”


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