December 23, 2017

spiritual master- Agent Of God

We generally need an agent when we seek a life insurance or any other insurance. Similarly, a Spiritual Master comes into our lives as an agent of that Supreme Lord. God’s another name is ‘Guru’ only. We can’t see God with our physical eyes, therefore, Lord appears in the form of Guru. Similarly, we should too become a true disciple and build a true relationship with a Samarth Guru. This relationship with the Guru should have the feeling of Oneness in the same manner that, we have with our other near and dear relations. This oneness with the Guru should be such that, we could share everything from the core of heart without any hesitation with Guru, like we do with our other relationships. If you can’t do this physically, then you must remember him and convey through your prayers or feelings, as HE listens to you all the time whether you are physically present or not. A Guru is omnipresent. If you will remember Him like this, you will always find Him besides you in all your decisions or problems of life.


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