Selfless Service Purifies: Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

April 24, 2015

1920-800 (1)Selfless Service Purifies.By doing service, you purify your heart.Selfishness is eradicated.Eventually, you get Knowledge of the Self. You realise the ‘One-in-all’ and ‘all-in-One’. You feel unbounded joy.

Feed the hungry, nurse the sick, comfort the afflicted, and lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful. God will bless you. Clothe the naked. Educate the illiterate. Feed the poor. Raise the down-trodden. The world is burning with misery and suffering. Wake up, 0 man! Serve! Serve with love. Serve untiringly. Attain the peace of the Eternal.

IMG_5047Through selfless service and charity, develop the heart and cleanse the lower mind. Purify your heart by selfless and humble service of the poor and the afflicted, and make it a fit abode for God to dwell. Selfless service alone can purify your heart and fill it with divine virtues. Only the pure in heart will have the vision of God.IMG_5043

IMG_5066Hold your life for the service of others. The more the energy you spend in elevating and serving others, the more the divine energy which will flow to you.

IMG_5126 (1)

PRABHU MAIN TERA………….. A social initiative by Prernamurti , helps people to relieve their thirst in the encroaching summer sun.

IMG_5134 (1)

PRABHU MAIN TERA………….. At various places pots filled with cool waters were installed for the needy people.

Serve. You will rule. Serve humanity with divine Bhava. The cancer of individuality will be dissolved.


IMG_5037whenever mother cow licks your hand it creates fortune, sucess for you.phoca_thumb_l_dsc_4616Feeding mother cow clears all your obstruction.

Finally, think for yourself, how best you can utilise your energy, your intellect, your education, your wealth, your strength, or anything you possess, for the betterment of others who are low-placed in life, and for society in general.

Console the disconsolate. Comfort the distressed. You will be blessed.

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