Scientific importance of Holi

February 26, 2018

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Scientific importance of Holi

All our festivals are vested by astrological and religious  beliefs. When sun, moon and earth together form an angle in special position then one or the other festival is celebrated. When sun in Aquarius and moon in Leo position face each other at 180 degree angle, then Holi is celebrated. This festival is celebrated in different ways but the astonishing benefits of celebrating Vedic Holi of India cannot be found in other culture.

Holi is festival of joy but chemical colours replacing conventional colours, alcoholism replacing juice or sweet Indian drink made from a milk base with ingredients such as almonds, saffron & poppy seeds and folk music replaced by filmy songs has made our current Holi festival ugly. People have made this festival as a means to show their animosity. Anxiety, uncivilized manners, vulgarity and wrangler behaviours caused while celebrating Holi forced lot of intellectual people to think that Holi is unscientific, time wasting festival because they are unaware of religious and scientific importance. They don’t know that our sacred saints and ancestors have started celebrating Holi at right time scientifically. Based on their knowledge and experience they have showed remedy to keep our body disease free. Scientists also believe t hat celebrating Holi festival ensures surrounding environment and health of individuals is always good. On the top of this scientists have also given other reasons to celebrate Holi festival which is elaborated in detail below:

Why we burn Holika?

On the  full moon day of the lunar month, Phalguna, a day before Dhuleti, Holika (bonfire) is ignited at twilight time. This is the time, when winter season is over and spring season begins. According to Ayurveda, during the change of season, our body suffers from diseases and sickness. Low temperature in winter increases cough in our body and high temperature in spring melts that cough which causes cough-cold, fever, skin and breathing diseases along with intense disease like measles, chickenpox and cholera. Bonfire (HolikaDahan) is the symbol to turn this infectious disease into ashes, which are present in the atmosphere. Burning Holi on the same day in the entire country burns all the insects in the atmosphere into ashes. Temperature during burning Holika is around 150 – 200 degrees and by revolving around it for 3 to 5 times  increases the temperature in our body by 145 Fahrenheit, which won’t allow any effect of bacteria and harmful insects on our body and increases immunity as well. Healthy body results in healthy mind which in results in joy, excitement and exuberance.

How to ignite Holi bonfire (Holika Dahan)

Ignite the Holika bonfire by chanting the sacred mantras along with cow-dung cake, wood of butea, ficus, neem and Mango trees. Put camphor, fragrance sticks, lobaan, green cardamom, leaves of neem etc. into the fire. This eliminates swine flu and other infectious diseases.

Adequate amount of Grains and water!!!!

People offer roasted grains of oats, rice, wheat, dates and chickpeas to the bonfire. In the spring season, fully grown grains from freshly harvested crops like wheat and maize are taken. Just as when food is prepared in the house,  it is first served to kids and elders, similarly, freshly harvested crops produced with the help of sun which contains Fire God and food is also prepared with the help of fire,  this freshly harvested crop is first offered to bonfire of Holi and then we use it. Lord Krishna says, “Whosoever may eat, I am the One Who is being fed”. We offer newly harvested crops to the lord of the Universe, so that by offering grains & water to Him, the entire world will be filled with adequate amount of grains and water. What a perfect management!!!!

Ashes of the Holi bonfire keeps the mind peaceful

Bring remains(ashes) from public bonfire to your house. These hot ashes of Holi bring wealth in the house and creates a positive, peaceful and affectionate environment. And by adding fragrance or incense sticks etc in the ashes, the smoke in the house will help in getting rid of insects, mosquitos and spiders resulting in making clean, pure and healthy atmosphere. Ashes of the public bonfire is also very useful from health perspective. Next day i.e on Dhuleti this ash is smeared on the head. The ashes of neem wood and cow dung cake has the power to get rid of various diseases. Ashes of public bonfire should be applied on the head and on the back of the shaven head which contains lock of hair. This will ensure brain functions perfectly and brain remains calm & peaceful. Bring only those ashes from public fire, which is burnt by above mentioned pure substances without using plastic, paper etc.

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