Save Life with Cow Dung

June 2, 2018

save life with cow dung - prernamurti

More than 20,000 people had died in Bhopal Gas Accident in the year 1984, but those who had been living in the houses coated with cow dung had survived. Cow dung coating protects from air pollution and  atomic radiations too. After the nuclear bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, thousands of people and their future generations became retarded or they faced some or the other disability as a result of atomic radiations. People out there, to save themselves from atomic radiations, started covering themselves with the bed sheets soaked in the solution of cow dung and then in water and then drying that bed sheet. That’s how they were saved. So, we too, must coat some area of our house with cow dung or use cow dung cakes or insence sticks made up of cow dung. Utensils washed with chemical based soaps may be left with some amount of chemical particles within it, which may enter into our body through the food kept in it and result in facing many diseases. Therefore,  clean your utensils with washing bar made up of ash or the ash itself. So, earn the merits of cow service by using cow made products and get a clean and healthy environment at home.

p.s  products made up of Cow dung, urine ,milk etc are available in the Organisation.

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