March 6, 2018


Whenever you go and wherever you go for a journey, whether in or outside the country, you dont forget to carry money alongwith. If by chance , you  forget, you become very worried and restless. If one is carrying money, then even if there is nobody with him, he feels very relaxed that all his requirements would be taken care of.
Now, whether you would undertake any abroad trip or not is not fixed, even would visit your country that is also not fixed , but would definitely undertake the journey to heaven one day and that is for sure. There is no doubt about it . This is a Universal truth.
So, dont you ever think that if you have  enough funds  to undertake the journey to the other world? Do you ever think that without funds what would happen ? You may have to face many problems if you go there empty hands.
One cant carry or transfer anything tangible from this world to that world e.g property or money etc. The real Treasure which can be transfered from here to there is the God’s name, spiritual discourse and sewa which would prove to be the real wealth and would always be there to take care of you.
So try to earn this wealth from now onwards.

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