RAM NAM MAHIMA–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

March 20, 2018


Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, explains here the significance of Saints, who do mostly threee things:

1) Make you walk on path of God.

2) To make you well cultured for God.

3) To make you capable to meet God.

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, says”Saints strive for betterment and upliftment of the Society, hence they inspire us to chant Gods name, in order to eradicate all the sins of living being. We don’t know but the saint know our desires and deeds of past hence accordingly they inspire us to do the Bhagvan naam japa. The saints are always present in the subtle world and we in the materialistic world, hence we cannot measure their experience and behavior with us. A saint asked a business man to, chant Gods name oncec but the man refused, saint told him the either way and made him to take Lord Ram name. The scenario happened in sequences more than onece. At last the saint always striving for the upliftment , made businesses man to take an oath , that he will take Ram name, while bathing that to on the very first mug of water, and do it for life time. The man refused to take Ram nam, but had instinct of it in mind, he remembered that but refused to take Ram name. At the end of life human body is to bebathed with water, the man came to know about his death time so he remembered the saint and chanted Ram name. After death his soul travelled to yamloka where chitragupta made accounts of his deeds. Accordingly the man had to travel narak (hell) and swargalok ( heaven) the man immediately raised question on Ram name, that  saint said Ram name will protect him from all the bad situation and make him clear from the path of evil. Convinced yam deva asked the man to be taken to Shivloka. On reaching Yama placed question before the Lord Shiva. Shivaji was too convinced that Ram name taken on either of the way uplifts. Hence Lord Shiva made a decision to move before Lord Vishnu for the ultimate solution. Lord Shiva and some of his shivgana travelled along with Yama and the soul of man. But asthe man did not have saintly deeds he had to wait before Vishnu Loka. Now here comes the significance of Ram name that to only chanted once, Lord Shiva made it clear that man has to be taken to Vishnu Loka, as its the question on prestige of Rama name, hence the Lord Shiva made to sit him on his shoulder and took him to Vishnu Loka, what a significance !!!! The lord himself has to take him on shoulders that to for chanting Gods name just once. Lord Vishnu heard the whole story and said how can you be punished to hell , because what else you want ?? The result in front of you. Shiva lok and Vishnuloka are the greatest sects of the world. You had reached that already, now you cannot be taken back to hell, as you have taken Divine darsan of Lord Shiva and (Lord Vishnu) me. The result of chanting God name is that you attenuate Higher loka and Salvation”


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