January 20, 2018


One who is one’s own well wisher must do pranayam. Pranayam relaxes & elevates our mind, restlessness ends, there develops a balance between inhaling and exhaling of breath and eventually one feels peace of mind. Just like in a still water body, one can easily see the depth of water. If something fells into that water, that can also be seen, similarly, when our mind is at peace, we can easily watch our thoughts (good or bad). When we try to get rid of our bad thoughts, we can even have darshnas of that Supreme Lord too in our relaxed and still mind.

Second, when we get tired with physical or mental work, then if we do pranayaam and japa, we feel relaxed. Therefore, in open air or garden near tulsi or smoke of cow dung cakes, we must daily practice the chanting of OM mantra and pranayam.


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