Prabhu mein tera

Language: Hindi
Price: Rs. 12

Prabhu Main Tera just three words. These days we humans are surrounded by fear, uncertainty & grief. We are covered from all sides with selfishness, greed lust etc. In this scenario only these 3 words can lead us towards the true goal of life & when the divine soul Prernamurti Shri Bharti Shriji, in her own presence, with her own divine voice recited & we follow these 3 words Prabhu Main Tera, aha we get the feeling of floating in the river of Moksha, we feel eternal bliss, we have reached some divine land, all of us have that feeling of ecstasy, that smile, that happiness on our faces. Dare the losers, strength to the weakened, hopes to the disappointed ones, good health to the patients, happiness to healthy ones & every common man is elevated & gleeful. Saints like Prernamurti Shri Bharti Shriji, act as a bridge between devotee & God. Their soulfully voiced sermons fill our lives with sweetness, God resides in all of us but we forgot this. She showed path the righteous path to the strayed people & strengthens the beliefs of those who are on the right path. This book is the one medium for us to connect directly to the ONE She says that raise your hands towards the sky, with all your force, to reach the ultimate goal in life, rise & say Prabhu Main Tera, Prabhu Main Tera, ………… Main Tera