Our Divine Culture

The precious pearls of Indian Culture, from ages, have been guiding and nurturing the entire world with peace, happiness, spirituality & love and they will keep doing this for many-many centuries to come. This is the only culture (Indian) where loving & respecting parents & elders are taught where the the ‘Cow’ has been given a prefix ‘Mother’ and 33 crore deities reside in mother cow and she is worshipped; where the trees like Tulsi & peepal are being worshipped like deities one; where the river water is not only treated as simple water but like divine water; where the virtues like shyness and being within limits are considered as the ornaments of woman.

Unfortunately, the western culture is today overshadowing everything very fast. The people from far away countries  come to India and take a dip in the pious and waves of holy Ganges and get solace in it. On the contrary, people from India get fascinated by the life style of west and as a result are forgetting their own culture. India is a land of God and it has produced so many great men who were spiritual masters, devotees, austere  and men of wisdom but people ignored their divine work, principles and holy preaching and got attracted towards western culture, life style & thought process and slowly & gradually their fortune. The youth dancing on rock music, drunk who cannot manage themselves how can they manage their families or  nature ? Countless patriots have sacrificed their lives to free our country which was a slave in the hands of British and today again we are gradually pushing ourselves to that slavery.

The faraway countries are adopting our culture and  feeling satisfied and content. so every Indian must respect our great culture. We all should feel pride that we are Indians. Tell your children the importance & significance of our age old culture. No other culture has the virtues like love, empathy, patience & magnanity in such great measure as in Indian Culture.

The fortune of human life is as rarity and that too on in India which is known as land of saints & sages, you are considered as fortunate person. So, make optimum utilization of this rare human body and make your life a success.