Oh Lord! I am yours…

In this world, there is no one whom we can call ours except God. Only God is ours in all circumstances. Worldly relationships are just for the name sake and are soaked in selfishness.

Parents raise their son educate him with the intention that one day our son will earn well and support us in our old age. A wife has a selfish motive with her husband to satisfy her needs and similarly a husband too seeks to satisfy his needs from wife. A friend is a friend only till one has wealth & power or any other useful thing. The entire world gives importance to success or power. As long as you have name, fame, wealth, youth, earning capacity, health till then you’ll get the love & affection of  your friends & relatives but as soon as you lose these things & not more to please people with all these material things, no one will even looks at you.

All relations in this world are made to seek some benefit. People expect to 10 favors from you in return of their 1 favor for you. If anyone does a favor to you or oblige you with something, sometime or the other he will certainly then remind you to that favored but God never ever reminds you to any favor he does. HE bless us with a protection shield in mother’s womb. HE arranged for milk in mother’s body before a child arrives in this world. HE blessed us with this human body, breath, food, water, air, sunlight and raises of moon. Everything and too absolutely free! Can we ever repay this favor of God ?

Father can throw out a son out of his house if the son is of bad character and useless fellow, Husband-wife can take divorce if not happy with each other. Govt. of a country may too order for exile but the highest govt. of the universe can never ever give you exile from HIS World. May you be young or old, good or bad, atheist or believer, rich or poor, healthy or sick, whether one has everything or nothing, God loves you in all circumstances, HE is our greatest well wisher, keep pouring his never ending ‘Kripa’ (blessings), selfless and gives unconditional love.

Accept such God from the bottom of your heart like saint Mirabai did – ‘ Mere to Girdhar Gopal, Dusro na koi’ (only Lord Krishna is mine, none other). So you also say ‘ Prabhu ! Main Tera… Tu Mera…’ O’Lord ! I am your’s & you are mine.