OBJECTIVE OF EDUCATION  (Especially for School & College students)

February 13, 2017


The purpose of education is said to be met, only if, we are developing the feelings of service motive towards society & our nation, respect for parents and reverence towards our Spiritual master & God.

Whatever higher degree of education one attains from highest of Institution or University of the world, but, if one doesn’t acquire the virtue of ‘Seva’(service), such education is of no use.

If our devotion towards God is diminishing, because of the type of education we have been acquiring, such education is not right for us.

On the contrary, if we have been developing the feelings of humanity, service for society, kindliness etc. then the real purpose of education is said to be met.

One who studies “O’Lord-I’m Yours”, starts feeling, that Lord is residing in his/her heart. And when That Supreme resides in our heart, HE shall neither let our mind stuck & lost anywhere, nor would HE let us choose any wrong path in our life.

Therefore, the students must take care, that they should acquire such type of education, which inculcate in them the virtues like kindliness, being helpful to the needy, service motive for the society, reverence towards Guru & God, only then, they would be called Educated in True Sense.

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