NO DOUBT, BELIEVE GOD—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

May 19, 2015

No doubt, trust god titleBelieve in God, in his strength should never doubt  his capabilities, his generosity, austerity.  Always think you are closer to him and nurture his endless fruitage of happiness.

If  far, how could God give you inspiration to do better, think positive , get rid of your problems, though you are far even thousands of kilometers. How could God be pleased to walk with you with all his blessings ??

 Whenever you follow wrong path,  God reminds you, calls you to walk on the right path.When you do good he congratulates you even from the photo or any other means, which certifies that he is much closer than you think. So believe him, trust him.

 Whoever believes his closeness, remains happy, others become unhappy, even by thinking he is far away. This creates negativity, this negative attitude  makes them unhappy even  though they  are closer.

Whatever you think, your facial expressions speak. Your thoughts create your own God and your own world. And accordingly you destroy also by thinking thay you are far from God. Hence never think of being  far from God. Because even though most powerful, most capable, God loses his capability of being far from you. He is unable to do so. It’s God’s inability to be far from you.

To doubt on capabilities or strength of God is just like insulting him. So belive in God, belive his strength, believe in his capabilities and enjoy his happiness, blessings so that you receive his inspiration in every walks of life.

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