MOTHER- a statue of unconditional love and sacrificce——Prernnamurti Bharti Shriji

May 10, 2015

Who is Mother ??

 A Mother is statue of unconditional love,penance and sacrifice.

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Mother always intends to give, she is another name of love, gentle, forgiving, understanding, unconditional love, compassion, generous and that’s what resembles God.

Mother carries you for nine month in her womb with all her love ,happiness and care, on the other hand you get tired of carrying even simple objects with lighter weights. Wishing or greeting such mother once in a year is it a right practice ???

Our indian culture teaches us to worship, respect, service our mother,father and guru as you wake up from sleep everyday of your life.

 As soon as you feel hurt, just two words spell out of your soul and that is nothing other than ‘ OHH MAA’ and not  OH PAPA or anyone else, because MOTHERS HEART IS THE ONE who defends you from every trouble, sorrows and griefs in life.

Mothers austerity and love is evident in you, hence you must dedicate each and every moment of your life to her.

youth fades,the leaves of friendship fall,……… mothers sacred love outlives them all.

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