Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


A Brief Introduction

How does man go beyond the boundaries of humaneness to achieve Godliness? How does he abandon his menial desires, passions, and wants to progress on the path of spiritual development? How does he move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom? For this purpose of providing guidance and direction to the man revered souls come to this earth. From their discourses, actions and conduct they set exemplar for all humans, following which even a modest man can attain supremacy. They come in the bodily form only for benevolence. Such Godly saints here are not only one or two but there is a long extended chain of such revered personalities- and one of the shining gemstones of this chain is – Prernamurti Shri Bharti Shriji- who has come on this earth to spread the divine light, who has come amongst us as the chronicler of transcendental inspiration. Prernamurti Shri Bhartishriji is the amalgamation of boundless inspiration….being true to her name…developing individuals at every step with her innumerous inspirations…at times encouraging all to live life in realistic terms….other times motivating others for forbearance….sometimes inspiring for fearlessness, at other moments instilling in people love, respect and reverence for one’s nation…at times arousing courage and self-control, at other times stimulating devotion for the spiritual guru…sometimes motivating for proficiency in social behaviours, at other occasions encouraging dealing successfully with life difficulties….at times inspiring for penance and selfless service… at other times encouraging people to become powerful and diligent to help the powerless. In this manner Prernamuti Shriji is the divine inspiration for the humanity to progress from vices to virtues, from falsehood to truth, from adharma to dharma.


This divine soul came to the earth abode in the early morning of 15 December 1974 in the city of Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Born to a mother who followed the principles of her husband like a shadow, who is a ascetic, mahayogini, residing in the pinnacle of forbearance, forever immersed in her true soham nature, the mother of this world Lakshmi devi- there should be no wonder about her greatness and eminence!!

Though the seeds of Bhakti were ingrained in her since childhood, her mother ever-absorbed in Bhakti made her all the more determined.  As a result qualities like love for the divine, service orientation, interest in spirituality surfaced in her in childhood itself. Qualities like forbearance, endurance, obedience, service etc. she carried on from the mother’s womb itself. The parents of whom are situated at the pinnacle of austerity-meditation, it is very reasonable and natural in the offspring of those parents to have traits of sages, saints and emergence of miracles. Shriji had number of miraculours experience in her childhood days like stopping rain during play, controlling breath for seven minutes, doing 80 pranayams in a single day, being in a meditative state leaving the natural childhood playfulness, having darsnas of deities, and being able to converse with them etc.


At a very young age she had the good fortune and privilege to receive blessings from and spiritual discourses of great saints like Ananadmayi maa, Akhandanand Saraswati ji, Ramsukhdas ji, Pathik ji maharaj, Ghat vale baba, Lalji maharaj, Brahmchaitnaiya maharaj, etc. Whosoever she comes in contact with be it human or animal, living or no-living she bestows her heart and soul for that being. Everyone feels spellbound under her selfless and pure love

She plays with and fetches wild animals like tiger, snakes, elephants, bear, monkeys and other beings. In her words “the best way of realizing divinity is – caring for the destitute, giving strength and support to those hurt, helping the downtrodden and those who have been devoid of the love of the close ones, providing service to the diseased and those who need to be served”.

Prernamurti Shriji is the master of creativity. There is no art or skill which is unknown to her. She is not only a great saint and a philosopher but also is a poetess, artist, writer, singer and a musician- a beautiful combination of all. Whenever she gets some time she spends some time with music. She has been playing instruments like harmonium, table, flute, casio, guitar, octopad since childhood without any formal training. Even renowned musicians are amazed to see her and ask who would be her guru or teacher. Even people who are unfamiliar to her when they listen to her melodious and enchanting voice, they keep listening to it mesmerized. The music emerging from Shriji’s deep inner core – awe-inspiring for even the great musicians- is breathtaking for the listeners.


Whose there in this world who does not witness pain, suffering and obstacles in his/her life. But Shriji crushed all difficult situations under her feet and experienced God’s grace in even those situations. Through this she learnt an important lesson of life and revealed to the world that ‘if you surrender your reins in the hands of the divine, then no harm will ever befall you’. In fact your life would be adorned in a manner that you will be established by God to an apex position, where no relatives, family members together can take you. The life is not to be wasted in the worldly attachments, but is there to taste the bliss of emancipation by being situated in equipoise.

Her darsan is the new beginning of life. One glimpse of her elevates man’s consciousness to divine heights. Her sight and faculty of wisdom leads to emergence of novel feelings, development of sensitivity, rise of new ideas in the inner being and success in every field in life.  Listening and imbibing her spiritual discourses leads everyone to find strength and a new direction to lead life. Somebody has rightly said: ‘enraptured are those who gets in the sight of saints’.


Great personalities like Prernamurti Shriji manifest themselves in bodily form on this earth for the sole purpose of human welfare. The only objective of all her actions, attempts is beneficence. She is thorough in giving happiness and love to others. When a person attached to the world, gives something to someone, he/she gives it with a desire to get many things in return, but when personalities like Prerenamurti ji gives it then they give themselves completely. Even when they seem to take something they do it to relieve people of pain, suffering and illness. What a boundless sea of compassion!! They never express their own pains to others, instead are always ready to alleviate the pains of others. Whosoever meets her, she fills them with so much of love, care, compassion, money-prosperity, that no space in the heart would be left vacant. Those who are abhorred by family, relatives and society, Shriji shows affection to even those considering them the part of divinity. Even if a person meets her for the first time he/she gets a feeling that Shriji belongs to them. Not only humans, she loves all animals-birds, plants equally. It seems that even tress-plants get overjoyed by receiving her pure, personal touch.Bestowing the selfless love, and teaching everybody the art of being happy, Shriji’s way of thinking, understanding and carrying out tasks is unique. Where the thought process of common man ends, from there Shriji’s deliberation begins. She is always on the lookout of such ideas with which in this jet era people can attain jet peace meaning attain maximum peace-well-being with less labour. The ultimate objective of all her actions is one and only one- ‘welfare of the humanity, well-being of the humanity- meaning may all be happy”

To spread the divine principles and inspiration of Prernamurti Shri Bharti Shriji to all, Laksh Prerna Divine foundation was established in 2008. Pujya Shri ji says “yours single positive thought or idea gets transmitted in the universe and start working because you are connected to this vast universe. You just raise one step in the direction of service work, God stands there ready to help you with his hundreds of hands”.

This we have witnessed a number of times that whenever Pujya Shriji’s has a singular thought of initiating a welfare task, the desired service work is seen to be happening over the world. The seed of service work which was sown for the welfare of humanity in 2008, is going to take a gigantic shape now in the present.