February 25, 2018


Significance of Festivals

History of the Indian culture is not mere in the pages of books but written live in festivals. Our festivals are not only the means of entertainment, but, there lies every individual’s spiritual,   physical, intellectual and mental development too. How can human-being attain liberation along with healthy and wealthy life, this was the main motto of our ancient revered saints, who revealed unbelievable secrets behind each festival to our society and we are also revealing the same facts. With divine inspiration and direction of “Prernamurti Bharti Shriji”, for the last few years, this organisation has tried to present the sacred facts behind each festival, so that, you can also understand the scientific facts behind each festival and take full benefit, so that, your life is safe, wealthy and peaceful. Celebrating festivals beyond imagination is its speciality, which guides youth in right direction. Now, we will talk about natural and Vedic Holi, so that you can take actual benefit through this knowledge. Come, let us know the vedic and scientific importance of Holi and right way to celebrate it….

Legend behind  Holi fasting

Holi festival is filled with colours of joy, love and jubilation, where we forget love-hatred for others and make our heart colourful with love and affection. From Lord Shri Krishna’s city Mathura to Lord Shiva’s city Banaras, everyone gets into full celebration in the torrent of conventional colours. Not   only Young-old, Rich-Poor, Locals-foreigners, but even God also doesn’t lose opportunity to become jovial by devotee’s affectionate colours. Radha-Krishna’s Lathmaar (beating with Sticks) Holi is famous in the world, hence it’s also said that the colour (excitement) which is seen in Vraj cannot been seen in Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu’s Abode).

Holi reminds of Prahlad. Holika sat in the fire with devotee Prahlad but, that strong fire didn’t hurt Prahlad. Holika representing  animosity and cruelty is burnt in that fire and nothing happened to Prahlad, who denotes love and devoutness. Remembering the devoutness of Prahlad, mothers observe fast for healthy and long life of their son today. At night, they cook sweet chapatti with thread tied over it in the Holi fire and then break their fast by eating it. Chapatti representing Holika burns into the fire and thread representing little Prahlad remains safe. Meaning, finally truth and devoutness is victorious which is the message of Holi.

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