Victory Over Mind

Our Life has two important aspects – One is body another is mind. Body is visible and mind is invisible. From bodily aspect man is incomplete but from mind and its ability He is the most superior creature of the earth. Animals & birds too have mind but their mind is not that developed as compared to a man. Animals too have thinking power, but not as deeply as a human being. Have you ever heard that only animals has written any scripture, never. The reason is obvious that the God has blessed a human being with extra developed mind and thinking power which no other creature has.

Mind defeats, you lose, Victory over mind makes you win, Mind ultimately will get you love of that supreme.

These are not the words ‘only’ said by Saint Kabir instead there is a lot ? Inspiration strength hidden within these words. Whosoever understands the true meaning of these words, nothing is impossible for him. One may have lot? wealth but if he doesn’t have control over his mind, he is just a slave but one who has conquered his mind has nothing more to achieve in this world. He is the master of entire Universe.

Strength ? mind is just incomparable.  Conquering over ones / are  mind is very difficult, many of you must have tried to have victory over mind and may have failed countless times. It is not easy even for many great mas as the very nature of mind is ‘flickery’. Lord Buddha used to say a man may win thousand of people in thousands of battles but the winner is one who has got victory over his mind. A man tries again & again to have victory of mind but again & again he fails as the mind ditches him again & again. The mind is more dangerous than the evil spirits.

Once a disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhansa told him,” It is not possible for me to conquer my mind”.Ramkrishna Said,” Practice, and then see, whereeve you take your mind, it will go there only. Our mind is like a cloth lying with a dyer, whatever colour you dip into it will take that colour only. What is practice ? whatever you want to take your mind, do practice to make it staple there. When you were a child you used to practice 1,2,3,4 again & again just to make sure that you have to remembered this.

Once you remember then you don’t have to practice again & again. for example when you know your name, you don’t have to remember it again & again and you’ll be alert even while you’re sleeping, If somebody call you by name, you immediately get up. Similarly, if you have full control over your senses, it is easier to conquer your mind.

It is all possible only through practice. Those who have been successful in this can even change their fortune.