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“One  diya for pure mind

One diya for internal enlightenment

One diya for wisdom

Glitters the whole world”- Prernamurti Bharti shriji

Dipawali which is being celebrated on the occasion of victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana, conveys the message to us as to how to win our internal evils and enlighten our hearts with the lamp of wisdom. Everybody Knows that on the occasion of  Diwali, the houses get cleaned, painted and the wastes are being thrown out, the houses are decorated and the diyas are lit.

Generally, this festival is a symbol of mutual love , affection , warmth & jubilation, but as per the directions given by our holy scriptures to celebrate Diwali, the style, culture and the objective behind it is unique and full of scientific reasons , which is helpful in our physical, mental & spiritual  growth.

So let’s understand….how to make each day of  Diwali a happy one !!

Benefit yourself with the complete understanding & significance of all auspicious days before & after Diwali with the rituals for those days……..