Innovative energy during Holi

February 27, 2018


Innovative energy during Holi

Since winter ends and summer starts during Holi, we feel more fatigue, laziness and lethargic, hence on the occasion of Holi, dancing-singing loudly, sports activities, ruckus, various masquerade, light banters are arranged. This results in development of innovative (new) energy in our body and lethargy is eliminated.

Positive effect of conventional colours on Holi

Using Black, Yellow, Blue etc colours containing Chemical in Holi results in skin related diseases and pure (Chemical free) conventional colours made from flowers of palash tree, Rose, Marigold etc has positive effect on our body. When people mix these colours with water and pour on each other it gives peace & placidity to mind and new freshness to the body. Diseases developing in the human body due to lack of colours is fulfilled by this conventional colours resulting in healthy and beautiful body.

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