Help Your Mother— Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

May 5, 2015

In India, one of the most striking images is that of cows wandering on the roads. In cities, towns and villages numerous cows and bulls either sit or wander about peacefully, chewing the cud. It gives the impression of a society in harmony with cow. The holy cow, the Mother of India is revered by all and, in most states, is not allowed to be slaughtered.IMG_5960

India has an open garbage system, which means open garbage bins on the roads overflowing with stinking waste.Cows eat whatever they can find to survive. The numbers of stray cows are equal to the amount of garbage on which they feed and multiply.


In cities and towns, large numbers of cows on the roads eat from garbage bins, foraging for fruit and vegetable leftovers, anything edible and smelling like food.

Since plastic bags have invaded our lives, almost all garbage and food waste is disposed in plastic bags. These bags spill out either on the road or from municipality dustbins. Because these plastic bags are usually tied in a knot at the mouth, cows are unable to reach the food leftovers inside and end up eating the plastic bags whole. Owing to cows’ complex digestive systems, these bags never get expelled and, over time, accumulate inside the rumen, which is the first stomach of the cow. There, these bags get entangled and become hard like cement.


These cattle, owned or stray, often obstruct traffic and cause accidents. The municipality removes the animals from the road to be sent to godowns, goshalas(shelters designed for cows), or temples, or they are simply dumped at the garbage landfills on the outskirts of the city. From there they ‘disappear’ into trucks for transport to slaughter.


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