November 1, 2016


The second day of  Dipawali, meaning, the auspicious beginning of new year! Almost all Indians celebrate new year on the night of 31st Dec following the western culture but according to Hindu calendar, New year begins from the second day of Dipawali. It is believed that if the first day of new year passes happily then the whole year passes through happily & peacefully. Therefore, on the very first day of new year, one should wake up early in the morning and do God’s Naam Japa while sitting on the bed so that the whole year ahead passes happily.

‘May we see good and listen good in the New Year, Welcome new & pure thoughts invite the divine power…May our every day is a New Day!


Take any resolution on the day of new year. whatever lackings or faults are there within your personality , only you can judge nobody else can know that, be it your parents, friends & relatives. Burn & destroy all your drawbacks or lackings into the Dipawali crackers and the flames of diyas and resolve not to repeat those mistakes again in your life time & say – God’s divine power is with me …Om Om Om I’m healthy…Om Om Om I will leave all old bad habits and start a new and fresh life. Seek blessings from your parents, Grand Parents, Your Guru(Master) and saints on this day. After bath see your face in a bowl full of Ghee. On the day of new year the darshana(sight) of white flowers, fruits, seven grains, water pot, mother cow, cow urine, rice, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Celibate, Sage, Guru, Chaste (Of married woman), Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Peacock Feather, Cow ghee, Cow dust, White salt, Peepal tree, Tulsi, and Amla tree….is considered to be auspicious and meritorious. Out of the above said things, must do darshanas of as many as possible. Hang a Toran(festoon) made up of neem leaves and Ashoka tree leaves on your main door. Ashoka is considered to be auspicious and neem is considered to be healthy . When we move around and this toran leaves touch our head, our health becomes good and our immunity power improves.

May the renaissance(Navchetna) of new year takes us to our promotion, May the truth, love, humanity keep increasing, May we don’t repeat our mistakes of past in the year, May the divine motivation of God always be there with you…

May You Have A Very

Happy, Bright & Successful Year Ahead

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