Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of Wisdom)

July 27, 2017


contd. ….from the book Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of Wisdom)

Devotee:  A  Ma! Isn’t the ultimate knowledge possible without Guru?

Maiya: Worldly skills too behest necessity of a teacher. Even to learn cooking,  one who could teach (master) cooking is needed, then how is the Gyan(widom) possible without Guru? But to seek Guru too, one at least ought to have knowledge that I need a Guru

A person once searched and searched for a Guru but could not find Guru, tired and fatigued at last, he thought, God knows I am in need of a  Bhramagyani Guru  (Self Realsied Soul), then why do I keep searching him everywhere. If God so wills, I’ll get my Guru. Thinking thus, he went and sat in jungles. A Self-realized sage was passing by and his horse somehow stopped at the exact place where this man had been already sitting. The venerated sage asked him, Son! Why are you sitting here amidst this dense forest? The sage was smiling ever so slightly, frontal radiant serene countenance

He said: I am failed and tired upon searching my Guru. Hence, I am sitting here in hopes that my Guru would himself come to me.

Guru  said: That  is why I have come here, son

Hearing this, he swooped with joy and was overwhelmed with emotions Oh! My Guru has come for me.

After giving Mantra(sacred word having divine power) to him Guru said: Keep chanting this, and if any question arises what would you do?

He said, Gurudev, I am confident that the way you have come now, you would come again when needed

The person had such a strong quest and desire that his Guru himself came in search of him. You too should have such firmness within you.



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