Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of knowledge)

July 13, 2017


.contd. from the book Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of knowledge)

Devotee: Ma! Why do we find it difficult to dwell within ?

Maiyaji: Sewa purifies innerself and brings inwardness, but if we keep engaged in fights, jealousy and back biting each other, how would we dwell within. If you will keep giggling or joking even at the time of sewa,and not serious about it, you cant dwell within. But if you keep doing Japa internally at the time of sewa and watch your thoughts, you will become Inward.

Devotee: Ma, is it necessary to have concentration along with being inward?

Maiyaji: Yes! You won’t become inward without having concentration. When your mind is at peace and focused, only then you will become inward. Meditation makes our mind focused and self analysis makes us inward. Just like, we can see our face or anything lying into the depth of pond water, when it is standstill.

Similarly, in a focused and inward mind only, can there be enlightenment of soul and only that mind can experience divine joy. Such type of mind has a lot of strength.

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