July 5, 2017


The full moon day in the month of ‘Ashada’( July- August) is known as Guru Purnima. This year it’s on 9th july,2017.

Guru Purnima, also known as ‘Vyas Purnima’ is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ved Vyasa. The word Guru is comprised of two parts..’Gu’ means darkness or ignorance and ‘Ru’ means light.  So, the Guru is one, who removes darkness of our ignorance.

Grace is what a Guru showers on his disciples and makes them One with Him. What a Guru gives, no one on in the Universe can give to a disciple.

There are many relationships, a human being is entangled with, in this mortal world, but all are temporary, selfish & superficial, limited to this birth only. But the relationship of a disciple with his Guru goes beyond the bodily boundaries of this birth, has been preexisting from the earlier  births, and shall remain forever till the time the disciple becomes One with Him.

While our biological parents are responsible for our birth, but it is THE GURU, Who sets us free from the cycle of life and death, which is the ultimate goal of human life.

The glory of a SadGuru can’t be explained in words. It’s something which one needs to experience- “There is no substitute for direct experience.”

 Guru is a soul, Who doesn’t owe anything to anyone and has nothing to lose or gain from anybody. It makes no difference to a Great Saint whether or not people believe in Him. He doesn’t need our faith or service. It’s we who need His grace. But His grace can only be obtained through faith, service, devotion and unconditional surrender.

A perfect Master doesn’t need anything from us, for He is complete as He is. It is we who need His grace to purify and uplift us. Our faith shouldn’t depend merely on miracles. Rather love for love’s own sake is the wisest approach.

Guru Purnima is the day to express our gratitude for Guru’s grace. We should express our love and respect for our Spiritual Master. Love of heart and respect that arises from an understanding of the Master’s all pervasive, omnipotent and omniscient nature. Only then we will receive the full benefit of His presence.

 A Guru’s debt can never be repaid, how so ever wealthy a disciple is. Not even after taking endless births. What a Guru gives is invaluable. Nothing in this Universe can be offered in exchange of what a Guru blesses his disciple with.

Blessed are those who have a Guru in their lives. True are the lines:



(meaning that’ Without Guru’s Grace, Nobody can break the bondage of life and death, even if you have the support of someone at par with Lord Brahma & Shiva.)

                                       Jai  Gurudev!


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