May 15, 2018


One gives the other only, what he posseses. This materialistic world has nothing to offer but for sorrows, worries or tension, then how can one expect the ultimate peace or pleasure from it. This is the place where within a moment, one can fall down from top or can reach top from the scratch. Can you expect peace at such place? No, you can’t. Therefore, if one wishes to be happy, demands peace and aspire for the ultimate state of happiness, then there is none other than Supreme Lord where you can take refuge. Realising God  is the only goal and duty of getting human birth. To achieve this objective, one should daily listen to the spiritual discourse. One should daily have darshanas of Spiritual Masters. But we cut down our time for spiritual practices just because of the cheating of our mind, which pulls us back from doing so. Therefore, if your mind doesn’t let you do spiritual sadhna, then fight with it like a brave warrior and over power it and always think “ I am not body, I am God”. Had you been body, then this body would have been there 100 years before and would have remained even after 100 years. But this body too is a cheater as it will certainly fall down sick or deteriorate and after a certain time it will embrace death happily. Similarly, mind and intellect too will not always be same. Its only the God, Who will remain with you always and ever after without any change. Therefore, Realising God, Who never changes, should be the only goal of human life.


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