Formula Of Happiness–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

March 31, 2018


Happiness is the basic requirement for any living being, he always strives for it. Infact the basic goal of human life is to attain Genuine Happiness and JoyPrernamurti Bharti Shriji explains here a simple way to attain Happiness.

 Prernamurti Bharti Shriji says “Why we humans do Consumption of the senses ?? The answer is, for the Happiness. If done for happiness, the others who did, are they happy ??  Never use the wrong formula  of Happiness !

A Teacher asked students in a class ” what is the formula of H2O (water) ? Scientifically, two Hydrogen atoms combine with one atom of Oxygen to form water i.e (H2 + O) . A student from the class answered ” MCIX2 + CX2 + SX4 + SESE4 + KHO + DH4+ HH4″, a lengthy one, rather its simple H2O = H2+ O. The teacher got tired and said ” the answer is wrong”. The boy replied ” Sir its an Sewer water , you may be not knowing but it is the only formula for sewer water”. The same way we Humans have Reversed the formula for Happiness.

What is the formula for Happiness ??

It is Satsang (Good accompaniment), + Bhakti (Devotion) + Shraddha (Reverence) = HAPPINESS (sukh), very simple. But we use formula as: Vishay (subject) + Vikar (Disorder) + Indriya (senses) + Mann (mind) + Sansar (materialistic world) + Kachra (garbage of wordly desires) and accumlated it, Hence Happiness is longway and same as ‘Sewer water’.

Humans always strive for Genuine Happiness, but lost behind Senses (indriya), to taste the so called Happiness. Till the taste lasts on your tongue you are happy after that ?? as same as before ! standing as before !!. We even took pleasure for other mind disorders (kaam-vikar) , than what next ? enjoyed Happiness ??  NO.”

Therefore Humans should use the right formula for Happiness and enjoy its everlasting fruitage through,

Satsang (Good accompaniment), + Bhakti (Devotion) + Shraddha (Reverence) = HAPPINESS (sukh).


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