May 8, 2018


one small spark- if not dowsed on time, it can take the form of deadly fire and eventually destroys us. Similarly, the small weaknesses of our life are just like the sparks, which we should never neglect. “what will happen, if done once: it’s just a small mistake, it’s okay sometimes”, we generally say such things. Today’s generation, in the absence of morals and values and in bad company of spoilt ones and by misusing internet have been igniting the flame by ignoring that spark in the form of weaknesses and bad habits. In other words, it’s the spark of weaknesses only, which is being transformed in flames and destroying the lives of all. For example, one youth went to a party, he smoke too in the influence of friends. But with the time passes, that one cigarette only makes him a slave of itself that, even after many efforts and treatments, he is not able to quit the habit of smoking till his old age. This way, such small habits or weaknesses stick to our lives forever. So, we should not consider even a small spark as small as it seems but like a deadly fire and try to get rid of any weakness, we have. And for that the sure shot is to follow your Guru’s commands with full reverence.


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