Vedic Summer Camp

Satprerna Organises

VedicSummer Camp

Children heading towards bright future along with Shriji

In various parts of the country, Vedic summer camp was organized during summer vacations by Satprerna family with the divine inspiration of Prernamurti Shriji with the great aim to make India a “Vishwa Guru” -a reformer and teacher to the entire world, by making the students contribute to it by becoming Maharshi’s descendants instead of Macaulay’s descendants. If base is strong then building will also be robust. Children are the future and base of country.

Children utilizing their summer vacations efficiently in the guidance of coach…


Body becomes healthy through Asana.

Get energy and vivacity through Cycling

Avoid junk food and eat nutritious food – Students conveying this message through charts.

Message to safeguard environment by planting healthy trees like Basil, Peepal (sacred fig), etc.

Get blessings and happiness of mother by helping her.

Children getting blessings from grandparents while serving them.

Worship Sun God (Suryopasana) for developing intellect.

Encourage the virtue of charitythrough almsgiving.

Impart wisdom, energy and courage through worship.