Shri Gita Prerna 2017

It is the aim of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji to make today’s children and youngsters  aware about Lord Krishna, the great dancer who danced on the heads of Kaliya (poisonous snake), Dabangg (Strong, fearless) who sang the song of Gita in the battlefield and to implement the knowledge of Gita in daily life, thus make human life successful in real sense. With this aim, every year on the occasion of Gita Jayanti, with the inspiration of Prernamurti Shriji, in various areas of the country, various activities were organized under “Shri Gita Prerna”. This year, “Laksh Prerna Divine Foundation”, the NGO run by Shriji, started organizing seminars in several schools of different states of India 2 months prior to Gita Jayanti, as a part of Gita Jayanti celebrations. In this event, schools and colleges of different cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Patan, Surendranagar, Morbi , Unjha, Banaskantha, Bhiloda and cities of others states also participated. Amongst these, from Ahmedabad, from more than 50 schools, approximately 50,000 students participated in this enthusiastically. And across India, more than 5 lakh students got benefitted from this.Activities like Quiz competition, shloka writing and chanting of shloka were organized. Also students were asked to learn and recite this shloka to increase brain power –

असंशयंमहाबाहोमनोदुर्निग्रहंचलम् | अभ्यासेनतुकौन्तेयवैराग्येणचगृह्येते

This year, one of the activities in the program of ‘Shri Gita Prerna’ was competition on the 6th chapter of Gita which was specifically organized for the students. This year, all the students got the opportunity to hear the audio clip in the vibrating voice of Shriji. After listening to this audio, students were filled with enthusiasm, passion and they felt proud to be a part of our great Indian culture. Also, students took vow to read the shlokas of Gita daily and also to become fearless and courageous. Shriji gave the following discourse to the students in her melodious voice: -“Dear Students, by reciting the shlokas of Gita, memory becomes sharp, learning power increases. Gita has got everything that you want to achieve. Gita guides you to progress in the field which you desire for.  In the previous era, small children used to defeat Britishers by becoming courageous. In the same way, you also recite the shlokas of Gita daily and become fearless, courageous, strong and intelligent and uplift yourself”.

After listening to the audio clip, students along with school staff and principal worshiped Shri Gita. All the students celebrated the birthday of Gita by saying – “Happy Birthday to SHRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA”. In the end, a book based on Gita named as “Answer to Life” and pamphlets were distributed in all the schools.  In this way, students were made to recite and learn the shlokas of Gita so as to develop good virtues in them.  Students were also made aware about Lord Krishna and its heroic deeds which will help them to successfully pass the exams of life also along with the exams of school.

Apart from this, at various places across India like colleges, jails, hospitals, government offices, banks, main temples, hotels, malls,  all the cabinets of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, their departments and central and state offices, CRPF, BSF, IAF, CISF, ARMY, ONGC headquarters, Gujarat police academy and major police stations of Ahmedabad, etc ; the volunteers made people aware of the significance of Gita, made people recite Gita shlokas collectively, distributed the booklet of Gita ‘Answer to life’ and pamphlets as well as encouraged them to recite Gita shlokas daily.

In the company of Prernamurti Shriji, the festival of Gita Jayanti was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm with the soldiers of BSF and CRPF in Kutch at the border of India Pakistan on 24.11.17 and 27.11.17.  The soldiers, who are staying away from their family and putting their life at risk while safeguarding  the huge family of nation, Shriji firstly greeted them,  and called them “The brave soldiers of the nation”.  Upon listening to this, all the soldiers started clapping.  After this, soldiers were made to chant Omkar mantra which will increase courage, will power and fearlessness in them.  Shriji also made them aware about the benefits one gets by doing kirtan while clapping hands.Shriji said :- Hands contain all the points of the whole body.  By clapping, we naturally get the benefits of acupressure therapy. Hence, one should do kirtan while clapping. After listening to this, the soldiers along with Shriji were clapping and doing Kirtan of “ओमनमोभगवतेवासुदेवाय”.  Also, they got tips to become successful in war from Shriji herself, which are inherent in  the shlokas of Gita.Due to this, soldiers got inspiration to safeguard the nation and become successful during the war.