Rest In shiva-MAHASHIVRATRI 2018 -Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

All the devotees present over there had an amazingly divine experience. Shriji made everbody awaken in their true self (shiva swaroopa).
Although Its very common to dance and enjoy in parties or marriages for the whole night but those who awake for the whole night with the objective of their spiritual elevation are extraordinary people. Generally, it has been seen that Saints & Sages or the ones who do spiritual practices with some specific purpose ( for some siddhi) awake for the whole night. The common man finds it very difficult to awake after 12a.m on the auspicious night of ‘Shiv Ratri’.One doesn’t sleep in parties or functions but definitely you feel sleepy while remembering God’s name. But here, in the shivir, everyone was wide awake for the whole night and performed all religious & spiritual practices with divine experiences. Awakening for the whole night can be such lovely experience, everybody felt this live experience in the divine presence of Shriji.

The feeling of being in Shiv Lok was felt with the thunderous sound of ‘SHIVOHAM’by our revered Shriji.