Chetichand Festival 2018

Badly tortured with the atrocity of Mirkh Emperor, when the aggrieved citizens of his kingdom outcried and prayed to Supreme Lord, the God took the incarnation of Lord Jhulelal and freed the citizens from his victimisation by killing him and blessed the devotees with a peaceful life. This year, to celebrate Chetichand, in the honor of Lord Jhulelal , all devotees  took out a large procession from Naroda Patiya to Sardar Nagar, Ahmedabad, in the divine presence of Shriji, where thousands of devotees took the benefit of promoting their culture. Everyone, whether devotee or non devotee, took the benefit of divine darshnas of Shriji. All of them were enthralled to get the prasadam from the divine hands of Shriji. It was not only the outer prasadam, but people also got literature like Ayushman Bhav,Answer to life, Happy Birthday, Prabhu Mein Tera for their internal upliftment and resolved to give up habit of tobacco and thanked Shriji for the talks of wisdom. Shriji Herself kept standing in the scorching heat and made people chant God’s name. All of them became pure in this divine environment. So, it was a beautiful coordination of devotee’s pleasure, serving their culture, welfare of all and divine darshnas of Shriji on chariot.