Holi Festival -2018

Holi, who accompanies Gulal, Abir and many colors, is a festival to share the color of love by forgetting anger and hatred. In this festival of colors, the unique “Holi Festival” was organized in the Vicinity of Shriji, by the inspiration of Shriji firstly explained the scientific significance of Holi to society who have forgotten importance  of the Vedic Holi through a booklet  “Holi science” few days before Holi festival as well as inspired to play Holi according to Indian culture and Holika (Bonfire) combustion to take full advantage of Holi.Thereafter, 1.3.2018, on the occasion ofIncarnation Day of Pujaniya Maiyaji, the mass chanting and havan of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra offerings were made by devotees in her pious lotus feet. In which Prernamurti Shriji also participated with devotees in chanting of mantra and havan for the good health of Myaji. The program concludes with the chanting, greetings of IncarnationDay,eminent dishes and delicious food – prasad.

During the night, Shriji burnt the Holika (Bonfire) combustion on a very large scale, in which thousands of devotees revolted around Holika Mata and took blessings of devotion and loyalty like Prahlad.. After Holika (Bonfire) combustion, some devotees organized cultural programs with the fruitful inspiration of Shriji.

Through these programs, alerting the youths with the consequences of Internet, whatsapp and western culture and led them towards the greatness of Indian culture.

Holi of Flowers

फूल बरसाये, प्यार लुटाये, श्रीजी खिलाये अनोखी होली ।

तन के संग मन भी रंग गया, भक्त-प्रभु की हुई हमजोली ।।

Every year Shriji plays and play Holi through the natural colors of Palash flowers, sandalwood, Kumkum, turmeric etc. It also includes pool filled with cow dung(Gaumay) and Gaujharan. In this pool, the submersers burn their sins. Like every year, even this year, the festival of Divine colors was celebrated in Barkal (Gujarat) and Moletha (Gujarat) Ashram with joy and Cheers of the Lord, but this year’s specialty was that in the mid-ninth afternoon of 2.3.2018 post kirtan-bhajan, Shriji played the Lattathmar Holi (like Vrindavan) and Holi of flowers with the devotees. After reading this, all the readers will dive into the sea of wonder and will imagine the world of fantasy.
But it is true that till today devotees and disciples used to shower flowers on their Preachers but for the first time in the history in the court of shriji, self master Shriji showerd flowers on the devotees. The devotees had lost their heart in this shower of flowers. They started enjoying the love of Shreeji and enjoying the joy of the heart.
Thus, the color of health, color of dung-cow urine and the colors of joy with the colorful, fragrant flowers show the colors of meditation, and the most beautiful and colorful Holi of devotees is completed.