Endless Glory ! –Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

March 10, 2018


Apki mahima anant atpati,sahaj me na samjh aae re

Mera priyatam albela re…

Priyatam ko jab budhi naape 100 janm b na samajh pae re…

Mera priyatam albela  re….

Pal me aastik pal me nastik pal me gyani agyani re….

Mera priyatam albela  re….

Pal me premi pal me vahemi ,pal me noor mastani re…

Mera priyatam albela  re….

Pal me maan de , pal me na bole ,pal me tirasakar kar de re..

Mera priyatam albela  re….

Pal me foola k uncha chadhae , pal me dhool chatave re…

Mera priyatam albela  re….

Tok sahe aur agya paale sir dene jo taiyar rahe ..

Kasauti me paar laga jo , sidh malamali re…

Mera priyatam albela  re….


Worship of the Guru with purity of heart and without desiring fruit is the cause of release.

Approach the Lotus-Feet of the preceptor which bestows security from fear and immunity from sorrow.

Place your heart on the Lotus-Feet of your Divine Master.

Apply your hands to the cleansing and adoring the house of your Guru.

The relationship between Guru and disciple is very, very sacred.

He who serves the Guru gets all the virtues.

Use your eyes in seeing the picture of your Divine Master.

Use your head in bowing to the holy feet of the Satguru.

O Man! take to the service of the Lotus-Feet of the Guru. Give up lust, attachment, pride, etc., which are the main obstacles to serve the Guru.

Worship the Guru with devotion, desiring nothing; you will get his grace.

Dedicate your property, your good deeds, your Tapas, etc., to your holy Master and then only your heart will become pure to receive his grace.

Purify yourself with the dust of the feet of Guru and saints. Then alone your heart will be purified; then alone will you cultivate Bhakti.

Serve the saints and your Guru with love and reverence. Regard them as God personified. Then alone will you develop Bhakti.

O revered teacher! The Dispeller of my Avidya, my adorations unto Thee! Through Thy grace, I am enjoying the eternal bliss of Brahman. I am absolutely fearless. Now all my doubts and delusions have vanished.

The disciple relates his own inner experiences to his Guru in this Mantra. The disciple prostrated at the Lotus-Feet of his Guru, showered on him the choicest flowers and eulogised him, “O venerable, holy master! I have realised myself. I have attained supreme bliss through Thy grace. I have liberated myself from the wheel of births and deaths through the Brahmanishtha. I am enjoying the unalloyed bliss of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. I shall roam freely in any part of the world. I have equal vision over all. I have abandoned the lower mind. I have destroyed all Sankalpas, likes and dislikes. I enjoy now unruffled peace I am not able to describe my exalted state. O worshipful Acharya! I am dumbfounded. Again and again I prostrate before thee. You have helped me in crossing this formidable ocean of Samsara.

“Up to this time I had full belief in my body only. I took countless births in various Yonis. I do not know what virtuous actions led me to the attainment of the Supreme fearless state. This is a rare fortune indeed. This is a great Adrishta. I dance now in joy. I have obtained now Duhkha-abhava, Sarva Kamapti, Krita Krityatva and Prapta Prapyatva (all pains have vanished; all my desires are gratified; I have fulfilled all actions; I have obtained all objects of desire).

“Thou art my real father and mother. How can I describe my present state to another man? I see everywhere endless ocean of bliss and knowledge. Thanks to the Mahavakya “Tat Tvam Asi” which opened my real eye of intuition. Thanks to the Upanishads, Vedanta Sutras and Vedantic Sastras. Prostrations unto Sri Vyasa, Sri Sankara and the Brahma-Vidya Gurus and the Seers and Rishis of the Upanishads and Lord Siva and Lord Narayana who have assumed the form of Brahmanishtha Guru and the forms of the Mahavakyas of the Upanishads. Even if a drop of the Charanamrita of the Guru is sprinkled over the head of a worldly man all his miseries will come to an end. If one Brahmanishtha is clothed and fed, the whole world is clothed and fed, because “He is the All”. He is the All in all. Om Om Om.

O merciful Master! I bow to Thee. I have fallen into the dreadful ocean of births and deaths. I am afflicted with the three kinds of Taapas. Save me. O Lord! Teach me, how I should cross this ocean of Samsara.

Fear not! My child! In reality there is no death for thee. There is a means for crossing this ocean of relative existence and attaining immortality or the Supreme Bliss. I shall teach thee now Brahma-Vidya. Hear with rapt attention.

Salutations unto Thee, O Venerable Guru! Thou hast saved me from the wheel of births and deaths. Through Thy grace I have attained Immortality and Eternal Bliss. All my doubts, delusion and ignorance have vanished. Crores of prostrations unto Thee, O merciful Lord.

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