Drizzling of Rain and Health- Monsoon Season(21st June – 23 august)

June 5, 2018


drizzling of rain and health - prernamurti

Monsoon season is a boon for the farmers and growing of herbs. It quenches the thirst of mother earth, prospers it and relieves people from the scorching heat. Rainy season is a time when spiritualism reaches its heights. Saints and great men sit at one place and do tapasya(austerity) during this season and which proves to be very fruitful and a boon for the society. Therefore, we too must be ready to reap the benefits of rainy season. From the point of view of physical health too, spiritual practices done in this season have greater significance as changing conditions of weather do not have any bad effects on the one who does spiritual practices .

 Right Food : since this season has bad effects of gas and acidity, so, it is advisable to consume food which is less sour, spicy, oily and those which are easy to digest. In addition to this, old wheat grains, moong, shali rice, bitter gourd, kankora, parwal, gourd, turai, lady finger, kaddu, surand, green coriander, mint, ber, falsa, grapes, dried coconut, ghee, butter milk, black pepper, black salt, jeera, lemon, ginger, garlic, asafetida etc should be consumed. Have luke warm milk with ginger powder mixed in it. Jaggery is very beneficial in this season, so consume products made up of jaggery. Water boiled and then consuming luke warm water is very beneficial.

Right Life Style: don’t walk bare foot into the rain water and don’t get wet in rain for long. Pour 2-3 drops of luke warm oil into your ears. Get oil massage done and scrub with Ubtan. Then take steam bath.

 Improper Food: Don’t eat heavy, hard to digest, corn, sattu, spinach etc green vegetables and peas, masoor, gram, arbi, potato, cucumber, melon, guava, sweets, cheese, yogurt etc. don’t drink cold water or eat cold things.

 Improper Life Style: sleeping during day time, sleeping on the terrace, taking sun bath and excess of exercise is also not advisable.

Cures for acidity, cough and cold:

  1. Everyday take two pills made up of ginger powder, jaggery and ghee.
  2. Have 7 leaves of basil plant and 2 pills of black pepper and drink one glass of water everyday.
  3. Take one spoon of Harad powder and rock salt in equal ratio before you go to sleep.

Practice this too:

  1. To get protection from mosquito bite, use phynyle mix water for sweeping the floor, insense made up of cow dung cakes and neem leaves.
  2. Eat dinner 3 hours before you go to sleep.

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