Develop Your Vision

November 28, 2017

Develop Your Vision

Can you see the greenery around?.It seems that the whole earth has worn sari of green color.It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?.Only one earth is there across.Same earth, same sunlight and water is also the same.Even then, at one place rice is cultivated, whereas at the other place chili is cultivated.At one place sugarcane is cultivated, whereas at the other place chili is cultivated.If this is not the creativity of God, then what is it….!!

Hence, the religion which says that one can attain God after achieving something or God’s abode is on the seventh heaven; such areligionis not like ready cash(readily available) but instead is like a loan.If you want to see the majesty of God, it’savailable in front of you right now.It’s rightly said that happiness is around us.

God’s majesty and delight is also around us only.But, if one has that vision to perceive it, then he lives a happy life and becomes contented.If that vision is not there, then even if happiness is around, one cannot be happy.For instance, when lotus blossoms, due to the fragrance of lotus, bees come from far away to inhale the fragrance and drink its juice.

Similarly, Gods majesty is around you.If you have that vision to perceive it, then your life will bloom into infinite joy.If you don’t have that vision, then even the things which give happiness will make you sad, tensed and trouble you.Don’t you think so?Sunrise which we get to see daily morning – This happiness is not enough?

We get to see this greenery around – This happiness is not enough?Also, inchilled winters, we get to enjoy campfire – This happiness is not enough?Some people find great happiness in small small things whereas some can’t find happiness even in big big joyous things.

Hence, you should develop the vision to perceive happiness around.Then your heart will also remain evergreen like this greenery.Try to inculcate it in your life.Try to obey me and see the results…!!

God’s happiness is everywhere around you.Just sensibly perceive each and every small small happiness.Greenery is around you in the form of happiness, joy and peace.


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