Cow- A Holy Treasure

May 26, 2018


A strong and unfathomable relationship exists between Man and Cows.  This relationship is akin to the relation between the body and the soul. The Cows effortlessly mingle and get integrated into the society of man. No other animal is as sociable as the Cows. Cows provide numerous resources which are tremendously beneficial for the physical, psychological, intellectual, and economic as well as the spiritual needs of man. The Cow is the abode of various Gods and Goddesses. This is the core reason why Cow is rightfully termed as ‘Mother’. Today, the glory of Cow is being overlooked and people are denigrating Cows. The great men take the initiatives towards reinforcing the greatness of Cows and upholding its magnanimity. When the name of Cow is uttered it is indispensable to talk about Lord Krishna! The Indian culture and its protectors, God, scriptures, all sing the divine glory of Cows. The legend behind Cows is very interesting. ‘Kamadhenu’ emerged during the time of ‘Samudramanthan’( churning of the ocean) for the benefit of the mankind. Cow is like a ‘Tirtha’ (a pilgrim place where wishes are fulfilled). The term ‘Cow’ itself reflects purity. It is imperative for each and every person to be aware of the prominence of a cow.

We will continue the glory of Holy cow in our upcoming blogs:


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