Oh Lord! I am yours…


In this world, there is no one whom we can call ours except God. Only God is ours in all circumstances. Worldly relationships are just for the name sake and are soaked in selfishness. Parents raise their son educate him with the intention that one day our son will earn well and support us in […]

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Our Divine Culture


The precious pearls of Indian Culture, from ages, have been guiding and nurturing the entire world with peace, happiness, spirituality & love and they will keep doing this for many-many centuries to come. This is the only culture (Indian) where loving & respecting parents & elders are taught where the the ‘Cow’ has been given […]

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Victory Over Mind


Our Life has two important aspects – One is body another is mind. Body is visible and mind is invisible. From bodily aspect man is incomplete but from mind and its ability He is the most superior creature of the earth. Animals & birds too have mind but their mind is not that developed as […]

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