Famous people and saints are like the rainy cloud which instead of staying at one place keeps on moving from one place to another, covering all streets and villages and cities for benefit of one and all. Just like wherever the rainy clouds go we find greenery all over. The streams and ponds will be filled again to the brim. In the same way wherever the saints put their feet all the people places are filled with peace n happiness.

India's pious land is also blessed in being able to be near Prernamurti Bharti Shriji. Some milestones of Shriji's satsang yatra have been listed hereunder :-

2009 Ulhasnagar (Maharashtra)

Sun gives light to all, be it animate or inanimate thing, men or women, young or old people. Similarly, God showers his blessing on everyone. So, we also should keep away from attachment – aversion, treat everyone equally and move ahead on the path of self-realization.

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2009 Amarkantak (M.P.)

It was the first Meditation Camp organized under the guidance of Shriji wherein all the disciples got the golden opportunity to practice mediation and gain in-depth spiritual knowledge. Shriji also unveiled tips to live a happy and contented life in this materialistic world.

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2008 Janmotsav (Ahmedabad)

Generally, all the people celebrate their birthday with friends and family. But saints like Shriji celebrate birthday by giving alms to the poor people. Saints are the real role model whose life inspires us to do deeds for welfare of others.


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2008 Deaddiction Campaign-Panchmahal (Ahmedabad):-

It was the first Deaddiction campaign organized to spread awareness of the hazardous effects of addiction through documentary, rally, exhibition, drama, etc. It helped people to get rid of addictions like Tobacco and Cigarette. Also, Shriji gave alms like food, cloths and blankets to the needy people.


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