Famous people and saints are like the rainy cloud which instead of staying at one place keeps on moving from one place to another, covering all streets and villages and cities for benefit of one and all. Just like wherever the rainy clouds go we find greenery all over. The streams and ponds will be filled again to the brim. In the same way wherever the saints put their feet all the people places are filled with peace n happiness.

India's pious land is also blessed in being able to be near Prernamurti Bharti Shriji. Some milestones of Shriji's satsang yatra have been listed hereunder :-

16th Jan, 2018- Barkal (Baroda, Gujarat) Makar Sakranti

Festivals mean days to celebrate or being happy… on such days, everyone spends time with their dear ones, friends & relatives and share their joy with them. But, in this whole world, its only the Saints or Great men, who treat the  whole world as their own family….’Vasudev Kutumbakam’.

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15th December, 2017 – Vadodara (Gujarat)- Incarnation day of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

On 15th December 2017, Gita Jayanti was celebrated on a large scale along with the incarnation day of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, to make people aware of the significance of Gita, who have forgot it in today’s world. This auspicious event started with ‘elephant procession’, looking at which devotees became ecstatic.

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24th Nov, 2017 -Kutch (Gujarat) & 27th Nov,2017 Gandhinagar (Gujarat) :

In the cantonment of soldiers of BSF in Kutch and CRPF in Gandhinagar, the significance of Bhagvat Gita was explained.  Those who safeguard the nation at the cost of their life, GOD and saints themselves safeguard such soldiers. Prernamurti Shriji, who is always engrossed in public welfare, went to Kutch at the border of India Pakistan to meet the soldiers of BSF on 24.11.17 and CRPF on 27.11.17 for celebrating birthday of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, the precious speech uttered by Lord Krishna.

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4th November 2017 -Bhetasi (Gujarat)

The deeds of this materialistic world always result in tiredness.  In the battle of this world, one can survive happily if he takes shelter of the lotus feet of GOD. Shelter shows the path of happiness even in the battlefield. Remembering GOD without taking his shelter is meaningless.  Hence, taking shelter of the lotus feet of GOD and remembering the knowledge bestowed by spiritual master are the means to tackle difficult situations of life.

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23rd October & 24th October 2017 – Patan, (Gujarat)

First celebrating Diwali with poor and needy people, followed by devotees and finally in the end Shriji celebrated her festival. Great sage like Shriji who are always in wisdom and eternal happiness state celebrate diwali with other great enlighten sages. On 23-10-2017 Shriji went to meet “Bhanuvijay Maharaj” in SarvaMangalam Ashram located in Sagodiya village (Patan). Even though he was suffering from body pain but since he always remains in the eternal state hence he was in his usual joyous mood.

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16th October 2017 , Arravalli (Gujarat) –

Huge feast for everyone was arranged in village Jamgad, District Aravalli. In the hot afternoon at 12 Shriji arrived at Jamgad village. Spiritual preaching and chanting of God’s name was arranged thereon. After that distribution of food & sacramentstarted. After the meal, Shriji herself distributed food (millet (bajra), rice, flourand cereals), clothes for all aged people, money and other useful things in daily lives like matchbox, cooking oil, jaggery etc.

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