The Reel of Life

May 22, 2018

Who’s happy with his life? Who is not grieved? Everybody is. So, we should not get disturbed or worried on petty things. This reel of life will keep moving in this way only. When we go to watch a movie in a theatre, the shooting of that film is already completed. We just sit and […]


May 12, 2018

People say that, “I cant live without wife or husband or the family”. A few say that, they can’t live without tobacco, mobile or cigarette. Some find it difficult to survive without tea. When we let such things rule our lives, we tend to become their slaves and they, our master. Actually, the more we […]


May 5, 2018

In today’s time, in spite of being happy and satisfied with what we possess we have been running after those things, which we do not have. Just like night comes after day and day comes after night, similarly, sorrow comes after happiness & happiness does come after sorrow. Even Lord Rama and Krishna did not […]


May 1, 2018

Today, the society is in a very pathetic condition, suffering from the diseases of tension and worry. Where one is worried about his future, there is another, who is tensed by remembering his past. In the tension of past and worry for future, we have been ignoring our present. Actually, there is nothing like past […]

Dissolve Your Desires

April 24, 2018

Whatever we see through our eyes, we consider that as true. So, its important to watch your senses as far as possible. Try to dissolve your desires. One best way to lessen desires is to surrender yourself to That Supreme. Desires will automatically come to an end. Then you don’t have to do any extra […]

O’ Mind (mann)

April 21, 2018

O my mind, let me tell you something, Today thy songs, I will be singing! I’m something, I’m the best, I’m everywhere, east or west! You are clothed with Ego, Filled with anger, pride & ignorance, Forgotten your sweet nature, You need a love & friendship shower! Unaware of Your true Self, Decorating attachments on […]

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